Why You Should Hook Up With a Football Fan

Are you a huge sports lover? Do you wait for the end of every work week so you can spend all weekend watching your favorite sports? If so, you know how hard it can be to find a woman who feels the same way you do. It can really make it hard for relationships to work out. That’s probably one of the main reasons you turned to casual hookups in the first place. Once you’ve done that, though, what kind of woman are you going to try and get with? If you haven’t considered it yet, you should think about it now: maybe it’s time to try finding another sports fan. That’s right: there are tons of women out there who love football just as much as you do. There’s no reason you can’t combine your two favorite things, sex and sports, into one huge love. Finding a football fan to hook up with is an excellent idea, even if she likes your team’s rivals betters. Why is that? When you hook up with her, you’ll find that everything is a lot more fun. There are even positives to keeping her around as a long term friend with benefits, too! She’ll be Really Intense Football is a sport known for…

Three Things to Look Out for in Women Who Date Casually

For a lot of reasons, casual dating is something a lot of guys are either getting into or wishing they could get into. Basically, any casual dating relationship is one that basically centers around sex, which for obvious reasons is awesome. It’s not just men that are hopping on this bandwagon, either; there are tons of women out there who are just as eager to start hooking up without having to worry about commitment. If you’re interested in finding this type of woman, there are a couple of things you should be aware of first. Just because she’s into hooking up doesn’t mean she won’t come with her own particular kind of baggage or issues, which is why you should learn to spot this kind of thing before you hop into the sack with her. Disinterest Yeah, she was willing to get into bed with you and do the deed, but otherwise she seems completely disinterested in you. And while you’re not hooking up with the intent of finding a woman who’ll fall for you, it’d still be nice to have her pay some kind of attention to you. If you end up with a woman who’s completely disinterested in you other than what your dick can provide her with,…

The Absolute Worst Roleplay Scenarios for a Casual Hookup

Let’s face it, some roleplay scenarios are just not good ideas. We know you might think it’s sexy in the heat of the moment, but when everything is done, you’re consumed by a feeling of disbelief. You just pretended to be WHAT? That feeling of awkwardness is awful, and if you’re hooking up, you don’t want your partner to question your choice of scenario either. It’s not fun if you’re constantly second guessing your choice of roleplay scenario, though. We’re here to tell you that there are some scenarios that are just awful and shouldn’t be used during casual hookups, if at all. Your hookups will definitely suffer if you go through with these, so we recommend staying as far away from them as possible. These are some of the worst roleplay scenarios, and ones you should definitely stay away from if you can: The Parent/Child or Babysitter Scenario This one should seem like a bad idea for what we hope are obvious reasons. This treads some very uncomfortable territory and it’s not really something you should be getting involved in. sure, she might seem like she’s down for it, but that doesn’t mean it’s really a good idea. There are just too many questionable things that can arise from…

Mistakes Men Make When Introducing Women to their Favorite Music

Introducing your hookup partner or casual sex friend to your hobbies is a great thing. If you’re just meeting a woman, then sharing your hobbies and your favorite music is a great way to establish a connection with her and allow her to get to know you. It’s definitely something you will want to do when you’re talking to women you met online. Still, you might be surprised to learn that some guys make a ton of mistakes when they try to introduce women to their favorite music. If you do these things, she’s not going to be very open to sharing your hobbies and it could actually ruin your chances at hooking up with her in the future. Talk about a bummer. If you want to be able to introduce women to your favorite music the right way, we have the information you need to make that happen. Here’s what you shouldn’t do when you introduce her to your favorite music, and how to do it the right way: Acting like a Know-It-All This is one of the quickest ways to get a woman to not want to listen to anything you have to share with her. Telling her the band’s entire history and discography might seem impressive to…

Common Hookup Disasters and How to Avoid Them

When you’re getting ready for a hookup, you’re not thinking about everything that could go wrong. You’re thinking with your dick, which means you’re only focused on what’s going to feel good. If you’re lucky, everything will go as planned and you’ll spend the night with a very sexy woman who’s just as horny as you. If you’re unlucky, however, you might end up facing one of many common disasters that can occur during hookups, which will probably end with you being alone with a sad erection. If you want your hookup to go off without a hitch, you need to know how to avoid any kind of mess that’s likely to happen. She’s Drunk It’s not uncommon for most hookups to start at a bar or pub and then move to your place or hers for the grand finale. Unfortunately, whenever alcohol is present there’s always going to be a risk of over-indulging, particularly if one of you is feeling a little nervous. Subsequently, your date might drink a little more than she should and if she gets too drunk things are going to get all kinds of interesting (and not necessarily in a good way). If she’s a little buzzed it shouldn’t be an issue, but if she’s…

3 Accessories That Will Take Your Look to the Next Level

In the course of all your preparations for using hookup sites, you’ve probably read plenty of advice on how to fix up your appearance. After all, if you look like crap, then your chances of actually scoring a hookup are also crap. Looking good is important, but it’s not all about the clothes you wear. As a matter of fact, what you choose to go along with your clothes is just as important as what you wear. That’s right: we’re talking about accessories. Don’t afraid or panic, because they’re not just weird things that women wear. There are tons of great male accessories that can really complete your look. Not only that, but you can even use them as status symbols to try and impress the women that you’re meeting up with. If you just show up in a plain old outfit, she might not mind, but she’s not going to be impressed. Shouldn’t you be doing your best to blow her away? If you do that, she’s going to want to try harder in the bedroom. That’s why it’s time to head out the door and get ready to accessorize. Here’s what you need to be equipped with. Aviator Sunglasses Will Jazz You Right Up If you’re squinting into…


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