Why You Should Hook Up With a Football Fan

Are you a huge sports lover? Do you wait for the end of every work week so you can spend all weekend watching your favorite sports? If so, you know how hard it can be to find a woman who feels the same way you do. It can really make it hard for relationships to work out. That’s probably one of the main reasons you turned to casual hookups in the first place. Once you’ve done that, though, what kind of woman are you going to try and get with? If you haven’t considered it yet, you should think about it now: maybe it’s time to try finding another sports fan. That’s right: there are tons of women out there who love football just as much as you do. There’s no reason you can’t combine your two favorite things, sex and sports, into one huge love. Finding a football fan to hook up with is an excellent idea, even if she likes your team’s rivals betters. Why is that? When you hook up with her, you’ll find that everything is a lot more fun. There are even positives to keeping her around as a long term friend with benefits, too! She’ll be Really Intense Football is a sport known for…

When You Should Resort to Online Dating

Online dating isn’t for everyone. There’s a lot of factors that go into it that make it tedious work, but when you’re feeling like you’re out of options then you might feel an urge to join the “online dating communities” out there and try to get yourself a lady. But when should you resort to this? There’s nothing wrong with dating online, but there are definitely some guys that feel like they’ve given up when they have to try it. If you’re not sure that it’s time that you started making yourself a profile, then read on to figure it out. You’ve Struck Out Striking out in the dating world means that you’ve given it a lot of effort but just haven’t found someone. It might be that you’re missing meaningful connections or your ability to land a one night stand is nonexistent. Whatever the reason, you’re just having no luck. Since you’re not having to go out and meet these women face to face, you get the chance to put what you want on your profile and tell it like it is. As a matter of fact, the more detailed and to the point you are, the better off. Don’t give up on dating, just move your sights to…

How to Handle It When a Hookup Gets Awkward

It’s a fact that any situation can turn awkward at any given time, which sucks for many obvious reasons. One of the worst times things can take an awkward turn is when you’re about to hook up or are in the middle of hooking up, because when you’re rocking a raging boner you don’t want to feel awkward, you just want to feel good. Fortunately if this happens, it’s not a write off-there are ways to handle it so that you can get things back on track to the orgasmic conclusion. Laugh It Off Maybe one of you said something weird in the heat of the moment, like the name of an ex. You can either focus on it and let your dick get limp or you can roll with it like a champ and carry on. Injecting humor into an awkward situation makes it easier for you to both feel comfortable with what happened, which in turn makes it easier to not dwell on the weirdness and just continue on like nothing every happened. Humor is also awesome to use in this situation because it gives you both something to joke about later. Instead of having a cringe-worthy moment you’ll be reliving for months, you now have a memory…

3 Methods for Handling Getting Stood Up

In a perfect world, every date that you went out on would end in the exact kind of hookup situation that you wanted. Every sexy lady you messaged online would write you back right away. In that perfect world, she’d be ready to start fooling around the minute you met up. Unfortunately, that world doesn’t exist for real. Bad dates can and do happen. That’s something that you’ve probably already prepared yourself for. Sometimes, though, the dates that you arrange don’t end up happening at all. Have you thought about that scenario yet? Usually, you hear about girls getting stood up by guys who just didn’t want to date them. The truth is, women do it to men, too. If you get stood up, it could be really embarrassing. It might even feel damaging to your self esteem. That’s why you need to know what to do before you end up in the situation. Otherwise, you could end up doing something that you regret. Even if you don’t, having a bad time isn’t a part of your plans. That’s why you need to prepare for the very real possibility that a woman will just decide she has something better to do. Give Her a Piece of Your Mind… Calmly If…


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