This Hookup Dating Site Can’t Even Come Close to Working

We were immediately skeptical upon trying to use, and for good reason–this site is shockingly over simple, and there’s honestly not much past the first page. It’s a template. What you should know by now is that attempting use a template for a hookup site is just a huge no-no, and that’s because the site itself is just not going to be anywhere close to good enough. Instead of actually being able to get results, you’re just going to end up frustrated that there’s not much of anything going on. That’s exactly the case with this horrible site. There just aren’t any unique features at all, and that’s something that absolutely didn’t come close to changing the more time that we spent here. In fact, it got worse. There are a ton of fakes. Digging through this site yielded very little except disappointment. There’s not much to do here except dig into a ton of different fake profiles, and that’s just plain sad. You should never find yourself trapped on a horrible hookup site that has nothing but fake profiles on it, but they obviously can’t get anyone real to join…so that’s all there is. Sad, but honestly, not surprising, after looking at that front page. That’s all that… This Hookup Dating Site Doesn’t Deliver, Period claims to have over 50 million members, and we’re going to be real–it feels like that number is completely randomized and different every time we show up. It’s bizarre. This site automatically made us skeptical with that random number thrown out there, coupled with the fact that the front page is just another couple having sex right in the open. It could be worse, but the actual site itself definitely is. Once you go digging into it, it looks like it’s Facebook from the early days, and that’s definitely not a compliment. Trying to make a hookup site work when it just doesn’t have a suitable layout is really one of the most cardinal of sins, and that’s why this site is such a pain to use. It’s also empty. So much for those 50 million members–there no one around here at all. The more we dug into this site, the more dead profiles and fake profiles we ended up seeing. This is obviously just not something that anyone’s going to want to waste their time on if they have even a lick of common sense. You just plain can’t meet women here. A hookup site without women is just going to be useless to everyone involved, and that’s… This Hookup Dating Site Honestly Just Makes us Laugh

The front page of absolutely looks like a softcore porn site, and that’s the sort of thing that’s never going to attract the sort of userbase that you want. It’s way too oversexed. When a site just covers every single inch of its pages in scantily clad or even entirely naked women, that’s going to immediately deter women from joining the site. Even if they are trying to get in the male demographic…well, that’s just not good enough. In order for a hookup site to survive, it needs a hefty number of female users. Unsurprisingly, this site just doesn’t do a good enough job of that. It makes its living off of dragging a ton of desperate men on board, and that’s something we hate. Otherwise, it’s empty. See the ladies on the front page of the site that they claim to have right in your area? It’s all a lie, and all part of the bait and switch tactic that we honestly just hate. This site really does a horrible job of hiding it, too. The front page of the site just steals your cookies, and shows you the women that they show every guy that comes along. This is something that’s going to make a lot of… This Hookup Dating Site Just Can’t Even Come Close

You would think that any hookup site would actually attempt to get models for their layouts that look half-way decent, but apparently, completely missed that memo. This site is hideous. Listen, we love all kinds of ladies, but this site just really hit the bottom of the barrel as far as quality models. The girl that they’re using looks like she’s been hit by a truck. Considering how unhappy she looks about being on all fours and staring into a camera with her dead eyes, we aren’t surprised that no other women really want to join, either. That’s not what this site would lead you to believe, however. It claims to be incredibly active, and it even posts up a bunch of profiles right there on the front page. They’re all fakes. Unsurprising to anyone, this site is just filthy with fake profiles, and the front page is a good source of those already. They’re all about the bait and switch technique here. That’s because they just can’t get the traffic that they’ve been trying for, and that’s never going to end up changing until they actually advertise this site properly. They also just need to completely revamp the layout, but as far as we can tell, none of… This Hookup Dating Site Just Can’t Hit the Mark

Another hookup site that’s just covered in a bunch of busty blondes–what a surprise. That’s all that really is, and we proved that with a glance. It doesn’t get better. The layout starts off horrible…and it honestly just stays that way. There’s nothing really going on with this site except that a ton of escorts seem to use it as an advertising hub. This all comes from a canned, horrible layout template that just has a bunch of blondes stapled to it. There’s no attempt to cater to the ladies when it comes to this site. That means, of course, that none of them are going to join. It’s basically just one disappointment after another here, and that makes it pretty much worthless for you to bother with. We couldn’t stand it. If you think it’s bad enough to try and sit around on an empty site, try a site that’s just riddled with a ton of fake profiles and a ton of escorts attempting to get your cash. It’s not the kind of site that’s going to be reputable any time soon, that’s for sure. Instead, it’s just the kind of site that’s going to give a lot of guys a bad impression about hookup dating. We couldn’t… This Hookup Dating Site Just Doesn’t Work For Us

Right, so–the thing about is that one glance at it tells it all. This site was really designed on a shoestring budget, with not much effort behind it at all. It’s all canned. What really makes a hookup site in this day and age are a lot of unique features. You deserve that, and that’s why this site just really ends up falling short in every single regard. Rather than anything unique, you’re just going to end up with a really crappy site that’s very poorly maintained, and even more poorly advertised. No one comes to this site. There’s such low activity here that they’ve really taken to putting up fake profiles just to entice people into joining, and that’s called the bait and switch technique. We hate it. It’s really trashy. The desperation is thick on this site, and maybe that’s what attracts the kinds of crowds that it gets. That’s honestly all that you’re ever going to end up seeing on this site. That’s right–desperate men. They seem to know that they aren’t going to get laid, but they keep messaging the escorts and cam girls that end up getting posted on this site all the same. This is a site that’s a total nightmare for us,… This Hookup Dating Site Can’t Even Come Close

Just what we wanted to see–a man’s gross saliva all over a woman’s neck, right on the front page of As you might have guessed, it’s a true sign that the site is classy. Not exactly. This site is just really a hellhole that we can’t get rid of. The front page of the site is gross enough, and it’s more than enough to turn off a lot of ladies from ever joining. When a site just has a ton of softcore porn all on the front page of the site–well, that’s never a good start, and that’s something that really just ends up turning us off. It does the same for a lot of members, apparently, and that’s why this site is basically just abandoned. No one else wants to sit around and look at this hot mess. It’s really dead. When a site has a horrible ratio like this–or just a horrible member count in general, actually–you have to look around for reasons, and in this case, it’s the design. The site is so clunky and hard to use that it’s just not worth it. People that aren’t used to a ton of hookup sites really aren’t going to be able to tolerate a site like this… This Hookup Dating Site Can’t Work For Anyone

One of the more enjoyable things that we’ve done lately is have a long, rousing laugh at This site is really just a huge failure, and it’s really obvious. We can’t stand it. There’s a lot to hate about this site, and we can’t even say that it’s the layout. It’s more the fact that it’s just completely and utterly dead, and doesn’t even try to recruit new members. It also isn’t going to ever have success with that, considering that the site has a lot of what it likes to call ‘commandments.’ These are the Online Booty Call Commandments, and they’re hilariously bad. When your site is basically built around a laughing stock failure of an ideal, there’s no way in hell that it’s ever going to end up getting new people to join up for fun. That much is obvious. This site is empty for a reason. It’s because it doesn’t advertise properly, and it honestly assumes that word of mouth is more than enough for those that want to try it. It’s not. This is clear in the way that it just doesn’t have the lady population that it needs, and instead, it’s mostly infiltrated with a ton of different cam girls and escorts. Dealing with… This Hookup Dating Site Doesn’t Come Close to Working is another one of those sites that really could pass as a porn site at first glance, and obviously, that’s not the sort of thing that any woman is going to want to join. It’s just crap. The front page of this site just has a bunch of girls (barely legal) and posing in some really suggestive positions without a ton of clothes on them. Really classy, of course. That’s something that’s not going to ever fly when women want to end up joining a site, because they just plain aren’t going to be impressed, and that’s really clear to us. The point is, they just aren’t going to want to use a site that objectifies them like that. Ladies already have enough trouble online, and they don’t want to deal with more of it. This site is nothing but failure. Because this site just has an incredibly low female population, they end up using the bait and switch technique. This is done with fake profiles to make you think there are ladies in your area. Trust us, there aren’t any. They just rely on cookies to pull up your location, and then they say that a bunch of random, fake profiles are all near you, ready to get… This Hookup Dating Site Can’t Even Come Close

Unsurprisingly, this site just made us cringe. It all starts with the fact that absolutely and unequivocally caters only towards men on the front page. It’s not good enough. Listen–we’re guys that really are looking to get laid with some lovely ladies, but we really aren’t interested in seeing a site that basically looks like a porno waiting to happen. There’s a good reason for that, too, and it’s because that kind of site is only going to end up driving women away. One look at this site, and we knew that it was going to be an issue. The front page of the site is literally just nothing but a bunch of half-naked women, and most of them are fake profile pictures that just aren’t even close to decent. It’s annoying. Women are going to be turned off by a site like this, and that’s not going to be the kind of results that you’re looking for. In fact, it’s just going to be the kind of results you hate. With a site like this one, the only thing that you can do is turn away. Even if you start to try to use it, there are going to be very, very few real women on this site…


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