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The ugly, unreadable layout is clearly a canned template, but more importantly, there just aren't women here. It's just men, conned into joining.

Honestly, a site like HornyMatches.com is enough to make us grind our teeth together. That’s because it’s all about attracting desperate men, and we just aren’t into that.

It’s horrible to look at.

A really crappy site is going to always have a really crappy layout, and that’s exactly what you’re going to end up seeing with this one. The layout is absolutely canned.


It’s all done up in a lot of bright orange and tiny text, and that’s obviously not something that’s going to end up benefitting anyone. It just makes the site really hard to read.

Something else that we really hate: this site is clearly just tailored towards men and no one else. This site absolutely has no desire to bring women into the fold of joining.

That makes it useless.

When a site just doesn’t even try to get women to join up, that ultimately makes it into a site that no one in their right mind would ever want to end up joining up on. We aren’t into that.

Sites that are just focused on getting desperate men to join and spend money are absolutely not what we’re interested in. We’re really into sites that actually care about us.

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If our needs aren’t going to be met, then we aren’t going to stick around. That’s just the way that it’s going to be, and this site makes it very obvious that it’s not going to happen.

The Numbers Can’t Even Start to be Good

We ended up spending a grand total of four months on our HornyMatches hookup site review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 150 chat messages to ladies out there.

It was awful.

From those 150 chat messages, we could only get a grand total of 31 responses total, which wasn’t even close to what we were hoping for. It was just plain pathetic.

From those 31 responses, not a single woman actually wanted to end up chatting us up about meeting in person, which was incredibly disappointing for sure. This site just tanked.

With a site like this one, there’s just nothing that you’re going to be able to do. You aren’t going to be able to get laid, which definitely makes it a total waste of time.

No Good Features to be Seen

Trying to think of anything good about a site that doesn’t even have a single HornyMatches girl on it is really just impossible. This site definitely is going down to the depths of failure.

It was a real flop.

Thinking about what makes this site such a complete and utter failure is really the fact that the layout just can’t even come close to being what it needs to be. It’s just ugly.

With a bad layout, there’s honestly no way that a hookup site can end up giving you what you want. There’s no way that it can really end up living up to expectations.

That’s because frankly, no one’s going to join up. No one wants to stick around on a site that can’t even get women to join, and that’s why we were just not impressed.

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HornyMatches.com Can’t Even Come Close to Working as a Hookup Dating Site

We were really not happy about HornyMatches.com, and it’s no surprise to us that no one else is really around on this site, either. It’s just ugly, and it doesn’t give us results.

It’s basically empty.

Spending time here on this site has made it very clear that this site just can’t even begin to give you good results. It’s basically empty, and that’s not something you want.

You need a site that’s going to be active and a ton of fun, and without a doubt, this site is just never going to make that happen. Instead, it’s just going to waste your time.

When we get online and are looking for hookups, we want a site that’s very active and really going to give you more of what you want. This site just can’t begin to compete.

You deserve much better.

With the right site, you aren’t going to have to struggle to get the kinds of results that you want. This site, sadly, isn’t going to even come close to having the population you need.

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Our results have proven time and time again that it’s the kind of site that can really work for you instead of against you. Give it a shot, and you’ll see what we mean.

We’ve seen it works.

With our results, there’s just no denying that you can end up getting a great time on the right site. Trying out our number one site is going to really steer you in the right direction.

It’s just a fact of life that you’ve got to have a great time with hookups. Not making that happen defeats the purpose, and we only want the most fun for you online.

Good luck!


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