Skip the Flowers, But Grab the Check: The Precarious Hookup Dating Balance

There’s a peaceful median that you’ve absolutely got to find whenever you’re starting out and trying to become successful at hookup dating. Trust us, it’s really worth it.

But what is that median?

Obviously, you’ve figured out by now that hookup dating isn’t exactly about having a long term relationship with any of these ladies that you want to have sex with.


It’s all about one-night stands for the most part, and just a lot of casual fun. That’s why you need to know where to draw the line and not end up being way too clingy.

There’s a lot of dating etiquette that still needs to be used in these situations, but you really can’t end up being too much of a suitor. If you go too far, it can end poorly.

Being Able to Tell the Difference Between Dating and Hooking Up is Important. Here’s How to Know.

There’s definitely a delicate balance that you’re just not going to be able to ignore when it comes to hookups. You’ve got to make sure that you really aren’t crossing any lines.

It’s easier than you’d think to keep that balance in check, but it’s all about knowing exactly what you’re doing, and planning with all of that kind of stuff in mind.

Fortunately, we’ve been there, and we’ve struggled with this in the past. There’s no reason for you to end up suffering the same issues that we did, however, so read up.

Don’t be overly romantic.

Listen–we know that you really want to wine and dine her and make her really into you for an evening, but being overly romantic is just going to end up being a turn off.

Skip the really expensive, fancy restaurants, first of all. That’s not going to do anything but make her feel awkward about being kind of underdressed for the date.

It’s also just going to come across as overly dramatic, which is definitely not the sort of thing that she’s going to be into. It’s just going to end up rubbing her the wrong way.

Skip expensive gifts.

When it comes to hookups, you really do need to shy away from the expensive stuff. You need to make sure that you aren’t throwing flowers and diamonds at her at all.

This applies for any and all online hookup dating sites in Melbourne that you might be using, so make sure to remember it. It’s just not going to end up going over well.

You really need to make her realize that this is a fun date, not something that’s going to end in a carriage ride around the park. Chances are, she’s already aware of that.

Keep it casual.

Keeping it Classual

We’re not telling you to show up at a Burger King in sweatpants in order to have a hot date night with her. We’re saying that you’ve really just got to learn to draw that line.

It’s absolutely important for you to pick out nice restaurants that aren’t overly expensive, but still show a certain amount of class for the two of you to really enjoy.

You can also check out movies or concert venues together, just so long as you’re fully capable of having a chance to chat before or after to get to know one another.

Think of nice hotels.

Hotels are another great option, and you really do need to consider them for a great hookup spot that isn’t too romantic, but still really does get the point across for both of you.

Being able to plan around this kind of mindset is important. It’s going to keep your chemistry going with her, and it’s going to make her realize that you’re serious.


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