Warning Signs to Watch For In Her Profile and Messages

There are a few warning signs that you honestly do always need to keep your eyes open for when it comes to your potential hookup’s profile. You need to keep yourself safe, after all.

We know the signs.

Not everyone is going to end up being sunshine and rainbows online. This might be a shocker, but there are some lunatics out there, and there are also just people you don’t want to talk to.


This includes when you’re trying to find a hookup online, too. Some of the girls are just not going to be the kind of person that you want to end up touching with a ten foot pole.

Knowing how to avoid the mildly crazy to the just outright loony is important. It’s also important to avoid the ladies that could be clingy, or just total whiners about past relationships.

Fortunately, We Know How to Spot All These Kinds. Here’s How We’ve Always Done It.

Unsurprisingly, there are always going to be some people online that you just don’t want to waste your time on. We’ve found a lot of them over the years, and you will, too.

That’s why you do need to know how to spot them and avoid them whenever you’re searching through online profiles. Fortunately, it’s honestly pretty easy if you keep an eye out.

With our help, it’s not going to end up being terribly difficult. You’ve just got to watch out for the women that have certain keywords on their profile that might warn you.

Avoid the ranting ladies.

You’ll most often stumble upon women that just want to use their profiles as a ranting space. It might just be about their horrible ex, or it might be about their religious beliefs.

Whatever they might be ranting about, they aren’t exactly the kind of ladies that you want to end up wasting time on. Nothing good is going to come out of a woman like this.

Personally, we like to leave the complaining elsewhere and not on our hookup sites. Sadly, these women don’t feel the same way, and they’re just too angry to have fun with.

Skip the negative ladies.

Confused Dude on Laptop

To go with those ranting women, you’ll occasionally see women that are just plain negative. They certainly aren’t any fun, and they aren’t going to give you anything back.

These are the kinds of women that honestly are just going to end up being downers on any date that you take them on, and they are really just best avoided entirely.

This is something that we’ve learned immediately when we started figuring out how to hook up online. There’s no point in trying to save a negative woman that’s no fun.

Avoid scammers, obviously.

Spotting scammers isn’t always going to be the easiest thing online, but it’s important that you know how to do it in order to keep yourself safe from the worst of them.

Being able to spot them just from her profile is also really important, and the easiest way to ever do that is to just make sure that her profile doesn’t have a ton of links.

If it does, then chances are, she’s either a cam girl, a phisher, or even an escort. Whatever she is, she’s not going to end up hooking up with you, so skip out on her.

Block those bots.

Another profile to avoid are the bots that you’ll occasionally see popping up on these kinds of sites. They aren’t going to do anything but waste your time wading through them.

They might send you spammy messages online, and that’s about as far as it’s ever going to go. They’re literally just automated robots that are set to do that kind of thing.

Avoid these kinds of profiles, and you’re going to really be just fine. That’s what we always do whenever we’re doing our reviews, and it definitely keeps us safe online.


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