Maybe It’s B.O.?: What to Watch For If You’re Not Getting Results

Rejection is something that’s just going to happen on any dating site, no matter how amazing it is. This is something that you’ve got to realize when learning how to hook up online.

It’s not the only thing, though.

Just because you can end up getting a few rejections along the road doesn’t mean that it needs to be a consistent thing. If it happens all the time, however, you’ve got a problem.


Figuring out the source of your rejections is important. You really do need to figure out why you just aren’t getting the kind of results that you’ve been looking for.

The sooner that you can figure this out, the sooner you’re going to be able to get much, much better results. That’s a fact that you know to be true, just from common sense.

Figuring Out Why You Just Aren’t Getting Dates is Important. We Can Help, so Read On.

It’s important that you first of all don’t take any of this too personally. Remember, different women are going to end up liking different things, which means rejections are natural.

That being said, if it just keeps happening and happening no matter what you do or who you talk to, it’s time to really figure out what exactly is going on in this situation.

It’s time to step back and analyze the problem and figure out what you could possibly be doing wrong. It might be something pretty simple, and that’s why you’ve got to relax.

Keep your negativity in check.

Something that can really end up turning a lot of ladies off online is negativity. This means that if you’ve got long rants in your profile, delete them immediately if you want results.

Women aren’t here to listen to you rant about your horrible past relationships or the failures that you’ve had in the past. They really aren’t going to want to talk to you.

This also applies to ladies that you might unintentionally harass long past your dues, just because you really want someone to listen to your issues that you have in general.

Don’t be pushy.

This brings us to the next issue that you might have, which is being way too pushy. If she doesn’t respond to your messages or does so slowly, just back off–don’t send more.

Harassing her online is really not going to be the way to get her to hop in the sack with you. In fact, it’s just going to make her block you, and you’ll never find a hookup online.

Being the kind of guy that just plain won’t leave ladies alone when they obviously don’t want to talk to you doesn’t exactly endear you to anyone, so keep that sort of thing in mind.

Fill out your profile.

If you’re trying to get ladies to chat to you and you have a basically empty profile, that’s creepy. You need to really take the time to fill that thing out, or no one’s going to chat.

The anonymous, blank face thing is not something that’s really going to do it for any women online. It’s just going to end up making them feel awkward about being around you.

The less that you put online, the worst your results are going to be. That’s just how it goes, so even if you’re shy, make sure to smile for the camera, or you’ll get nowhere.

Don’t be inappropriate.

Smelly Ass Dude

Don’t send her dick pics. That’s really not as sexy as you think it is, and it’s definitely not going to do anything but make her close the window, delete your message, and block you.

Just because you’re looking for sex doesn’t mean that you should bring it up right away. She’s not going to ever be into that, and that should be something you always know.


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