Escaping a Hookup After the Fact, Without Hurting Feelings

Obviously, not every single hookup is going to be the kind of thing that you want to end up hanging around for the whole time. Sometimes, you need to bail out early.

You need to know how to do that.

Whenever you’re using online hookup dating sites, you’re doing so with the notion that you’re obviously not going to end up being in a relationship for the long term.


This doesn’t mean that you need to be impolite to the ladies that you’re seeing at any point, or that you need to treat them like they’re women that you can just throw away.

Being able to gracefully walk out of a hookup is one of the most important things that you can ever do. Fortunately, we’ve been there, and we can really help you out.

It’s Important to Know How to Make an Exit, and We Can Help. Here’s How We’ve Always Done It.

It’s okay for you to want to go home early after a long night out. There’s no reason for you to have to cause any drama just because you want to go home and sleep.

There’s also a way to do this without having to kick anyone out or end up starting up a lot of stress. We know all about it, and we know how to make it easy for both of you.

With our help, this isn’t going to be something that’s really a huge problem for you ever again. It’s a necessary skill, and it makes you look way more like a gentleman.

You don’t need to cause a scene.

There’s no reason for you to end up running out on your hookup and causing a ton of drama in the process. It’s a lot easier than that, especially if you’re nice about it.

Obviously, she’s going to know that this is a hookup just as much as you do. She’s not going to be surprised when you want to go home, and that’s the obvious part of this.

She’s just as ready to leave as you are, more than likely. That’s why there’s no need for you to be rude and rush things–it’s better just to take it a moment at a time.

Be polite.

Upset Woman

Always, always be polite with your hookup. Being a pushy jerk isn’t going to endear you, and it’s certainly not going to help you get the fun experience that you want.

It’s important just to ask her if she’d like a cab maybe about fifteen or twenty minutes after you two have finished up and taken a shower. This is courteous, and not obnoxious.

You can end up putting her in a cab at this point, and parting ways. That’s going to be something that’s especially convenient if the two of you stay at a hotel together.

Let her get her bearings.

There’s no reason for you to ever just pull out and immediately be ready to leave. That’s going to give you a hell of a bad reputation whenever you’re using hookup dating sites for sure.

Instead, let her kind of relax and chat with her a bit after the fact. She’ll realize that you’re a much nicer guy for it, and honestly, what’s the hurry in the first place?

The more time that you spend with her afterwards, the more she’s going to end up enjoying your company, but obviously, if you’ve got somewhere to be…just be polite about it.

If you’re in a hurry, just let her know beforehand.

If you really just want this to be a quickie, it’s important that she understands that before the two of you even settle in for the evening. It’s going to set the stage for what’s to come.

She’ll be a lot more understanding if she understands that you need to jet quickly after the fact if you tell her beforehand rather than just springing it on her out of nowhere.

There’s still no reason to be rude either way. Just let her know that you’ve got to run, and it’s going to be fine for both of you. She’s probably not going to even bat an eye.


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