Why You Should Let Her Set the Pace

So you’ve gotten into hookup dating and now you’re out with a woman who’s just as sexually attracted to you as you are to her. You’re primed and ready to blow but it seems like she might need a little time. Should you push for it or just let her do her own thing until she’s ready? Unless you’re the world’s biggest asshole, the right answer is the latter one and the reasons for that are numerous. Hookups might just be all about sex, but sex is also something that has different levels of intimacy and meaning for different people. So if you want this particular hookup to go off smoothly, you’re going to have to let her set the pace.

She Might Be Uncomfortable

"Put her at ease by complimenting her"

“Put her at ease by complimenting her”

Just because she was willing to come home with you doesn’t mean that she’s a raging sex kitten once the lights go down and the clothes come off. In fact, she might be feeling nervous and insecure. If that’s the case and you start pushing for her to put out, it’s only going to start making her feel more and more uncomfortable. And if you push too far, she’ll probably just bail, leaving you alone and horny with a very sad erection. The more comfortable she feels, the easier it will be for her to get turned on. After that, leave it in her hands. She’ll take it to the next step when she can’t hold back anymore, and that’s a win situation for both of you.

She Knows What Works for Her

"Let her take the lead"

“Let her take the lead”

If you’re like the vast majority of guys out there, you probably regard her naughty bits as equal parts mystery and wonder. You might also not be a wizard at hitting all her hot spots, which means that there’s a possibility that you might fumble around hoping to hit the money button. This is why it’s a good idea to let her set the pace. She knows better than you what gets her off, and if she gets to call the shots you can be damn sure she’s going to make you focus on the parts of her that need attention. Once she’s running the show you’ll know what to do and the right way to do it, and ifshe’s all hot and bothered it can only be good news for you.

She’ll Be in Charge

There are few things sexier on this earth than a woman who’s in charge during sex. If you let her set the pace, you’re throwing the ball in her court, which means that she gets to call all the shots. She might like it hard and fast and she might like it slow, but either way you’re going to be doing what she tells you to do. Not only that, but letting her control the pacing means she has plenty of opportunity to tease you over and over again, which means that when you finally do blow your load that it’s going to be one of the best finishes that you’ve ever had.


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