What You Can Learn about Her from Her House or Apartment

"She loves to keep her house clean"

“She loves to keep her house clean”

If you’re getting to see the inside of her house or apartment, chances are good that you’re already well on your way to hooking up. That’s not always the case, though. You may be able to get glimpses of her living place before you actually hook up with her, and either way, you can learn quite a bit about her. It might not always be helpful or relevant information, but it’s still something you would probably like to know about her. If you’re going to be seeing the inside of her house or apartment, or you can see glimpses of it in the backgrounds of her profile pictures, you need to know how to interpret that information. Here’s what you need to know about what you can learn about her from her house or apartment and how it’s set up:

She’s a Slob and Not the Right Choice for You

"Don't go for such girls"

“Don’t go for such girls”

This one should be fairly obvious right off the bat, but it still bears repeating. If you see a glimpse of her place and it looks like a bomb went off, that’s a sign that she’s a total slob. She shouldn’t have a month’s worth of dirty laundry lying around on her bedroom floor. You don’t want to get up in the middle of the night to take a piss and wind up tripping and falling because of all the junk on her floor. If she’s a slob with how she cleans up her room and apartment, chances are she’s pretty sloppy about other aspects of herself, too – if you catch our drift. Basically, she’s not the type of woman you want to bother hooking up with. She’s just not going to give you a good hookup experience, so if you get any sign that she’s sloppy, don’t go for her.

She’s Stuck Up

If her apartment or house is filled with tons of fancy classical paintings and sculptures, she’s probably a bit stuck up. This may not necessarily impact your hookup experience, but it’s still something that’s good to know. She’s going to be harder to please and that can present a challenge not all guys are up for. You should be prepared for this ahead of time so you know how to deal with her. Keep an eye out on her decorations and see if she seems to be super snooty – it could make the hookup vastly different.

She’s Wild and Ready for Fun

If her room looks like a woman that’s ready to have some fun, you’re in for luck. It might not closely resemble a bachelor’s pad, but you should be able to figure it out anyway. She has tons of classic furniture, drinks, and snacks ready for any guy who winds up sticking around. This is a good sign, since it shows she’s ready to have some fun with you. You won’t need to worry about having a boring hookup with a woman like this. She’s already prepared to have an amazing time with you.


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