What You Can Learn about Her from Her Favorite Games

If she loves fighting games, chances are she's going to be wild in bed"

If she loves fighting games, chances are she’s going to be wild in bed”

There’s a lot to be said about gamer girls, but it’s not always easy to actually figure them out. You want to be able it figure out at least a few things about her when you want to hook up with her, we’re sure. Sometimes that can be done by knowing what her favorite video games are. You can learn a lot about her by what she likes to play, believe it or not. You might not be able to figure out her life story, but you can definitely learn enough to make it easier for you to establish a connection with her. If you’re going to be meeting a lot of gamer girls, you need to be able to figure out what her favorite game might say about her. Here’s what you need to know about what you can learn about her from what games she likes to play:

She Has a Competitive Streak

If all of her favorite games are competitive games, that tells you quite a bit about her right off the bat. Clearly, she likes to compete. It doesn’t matter what genre of competitive game it is, not really. It could be a shooter or a competitive MMO – it could even be a card game or tabletop game. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that she’s a competitive person. This can definitely bode well for your hookup, since it could mean that she’s very feisty in bed. She’s bound to be interested in getting the most out of the encounter, since she knows how to get what she wants. You should definitely keep an eye out for gamer girls like this because they tend to be amazingly feisty in bed.

She Likes Cutesy Things

"Treat her like a princess"

“Treat her like a princess”

If all the games she plays are suspiciously cutesy, then she obviously likes cute things. She’s probably not that interested in trying any particularly violent games, though you never know for sure until you ask her. Either way, you may wonder what this could mean about her personality and how it might affect your hookup with her. It’s important to note that some women like cute things and they’re still badasses deep down. In general, though, you should know that you need to treat her like a lady and show her a good time without being too rough and tumble with her. If she wants it rough, she’ll certainly let you know.

She’s Feisty and Fiery

If all the games she likes are hardcore, chances are she’s going to be crazy and wild, too. Fighting games, shooters, war games, and anything like that is generally a good sign of this type of personality. You don’t have to worry about treating her like a delicate flower. She’s going to be ready for an amazing time, and you just have to be able to give it to her. Plus, she’s probably going to be willing to compete with you in your favorite games. Just be prepared to have your ass kicked, because she won’t hold back and you shouldn’t underestimate her.


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