What You Can Learn about Her from Her Favorite Food

The smallest details on a woman’s page can tell you a lot about what type of person she is and how you might be able to get closer to her. You might not even pay attention to her favorite food when it’s listed on her profile, but you may be surprised to learn this is something you can use to learn quite a bit about her. You’re not going to be able to scry her entire life history out of the fact that she loves pizza, but you’ll be able to figure out quite a bit about her without that much effort. If you’re interested to know what her favorite food might be telling you about her, then we have all the information you need. Here’s what you need to know about her favorite foods and what they might tell you about her:

She Has a Love for Fancy Things, and She’s Expensive

"She likes being pampered and spoiled"

“She likes being pampered and spoiled”

If her favorite food is lobster that should instantly tell you something about what kind of woman she is. Anything fancy and expensive is going to tell you quite a bit about what she likes. It could be lobster tails, risotto, filet mignon, fancy sushi, and basically anything that tends to top the charts when it comes to price. Whatever it is, it tells you that she has a love for luxury. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it should definitely alert you to the fact that you might wind up spending more money on the hookup than you wanted to. She’s going to be pretty picky about how things go down, which means you might have to blow some money on her to please her. Just keep that in mind if you see her going for the most expensive foods.

She’s Not Particularly Cultured

"You can easily please these kinds of girls"

“You can easily please these kinds of girls”

She lists her favorite foods, and they look like what a five-year old would list as their favorites. Pizza, cheeseburgers, macaroni and cheese, meatloaf, and the list goes on. Is this a bad thing? Not really. It just means that she likes comforting foods, and she probably isn’t that hard to please. She’s not particularly cultured and you can probably impress her quite a bit just by taking her out for sushi. If you’re interested in going on a cultural adventure, she might be the right woman to do it with since she clearly hasn’t been exposed to these things before.

She’s down for Anything

Her list of favorite foods is a wild smorgasbord of variety. Pizza, lobster, schnitzel, pork chops, jambalaya, and crawfish – it’s all on there. She seems to like everything! This is generally going to be a sign that she’s down for anything in her life. That could definitely extend to her relationships and hookups. If she has a wide variety of tastes for food, she could have a voracious sexual appetite, too. It’s definitely worth looking into, since it could easily mean quite an interesting hookup is on the horizon for you.


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