Practical Gifts that Will Get the Girl

"Repair her car"

“Repair her car”

When you’re seeing a girl online or in person there’s always a period of time where you’re not quite sure what’s happening with the two of you. Are you dating? Just friends with benefits, maybe. There’s a thin line between any of them, but if you’ve found the woman that you want to keep around for a while, there’s something unique that you can do that is sure to get her to stay.

Why It Works

When giving her a practical gift you’re showing her a few sides of you. First, your providing side. You aren’t afraid to step up and make sure that she’s taken care of, even if you aren’t technically together yet. You’re also showing her that you’re involved. You listen, you retain, and then you react. This isn’t even something that she would know that she wants, but when it happens, you’ve definitely worked your way in.

What to Get

"A practical gift - Paint her home walls"

“A practical gift – Paint her home walls”

What you get her will largely depend on what she needs. Like mentioned above, it’s about listening and reacting. If she keeps mentioning that her tires are low on air, bring a pump over or offer to go get them filled. This is a simple task, but many women don’t want or like to do it. When you’re looking to surprise her with a practical gift, look around for something that she’s almost out of. Staying over or just popping into her house you might find that she’s out of toothpaste. Take note of the brand and then go buy it for her. Bring it over next time and casually mention that you thought she might need more. Even if she did already have a backup it’s nice to not run out of such a useful thing.

Practical gifts don’t have to stop at household items. An old doggy bed might need replacing, her car could have a scratch in it that needs buffing out, or she might even just need some time to run around town without worrying about taking said pup out for a walk. Take over some responsibility for her and she’ll remember.

A Warning

Some women may end up feeling like a guy is overstepping his boundaries if he keeps getting her stuff without her being interested. Make sure that you have some sort of real relationship, whether it’s dating or hooking up, before you buy her anything. Even after you start to, keep it spaced out. She may feel guilty if you’re always supplying her with time or supplies.

Take note of her reaction when you present her with the toothpaste, toilet paper, or whatever it is. If she seems uncomfortable or insists that you didn’t need to then keep that in mind. You can try it once more, but if she’s still reacting the same way you might be making her feel dependent or overwhelmed. Adjust as needed and talk it out to see what’s bothering her.


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