4 Unexpected Ways Women Grade You on Dates

"Try to be gentle and humble"

“Try to be gentle and humble”

Have you ever been on a bad date where you felt like every time you opened your mouth, you lost some points? It’s true that women do grade you overall during a date; while they might not be able to score you out of 100 or give you a letter grade, these ladies know when you’re dipping past the point of no return, and you’re definitely not getting anything good from her tonight. You know to avoid conversation about religion or politics, but here’s four rather unexpected things that effect your grade at the end of the night.

How Well You Drive

"Women love good drivers"

“Women love good drivers”

While getting into an accident would obviously lose you quite a few points (even if no one was hurt) women want to know that you’re a good, stable driver who isn’t about to run them off the road. They like to feel like their date is their protector; they shouldn’t feel like they need a guardian angel just to protect themselves every time that they climb into your vehicle. Take things a little slower (though not slow enough to be an actual safety hazard) and you should be fine.

How Well You Tip

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Women care about tipping. They care a lot. How you treat severs says a lot about you, so think twice before you stiff the waitress because the steak you ordered was medium instead of medium rare, or there was a hard water spot on your glass. Ladies love a man who’s generous, but not insanely so; unless the service was amazing there’s no need to go above 20%… But there’s also no justification for going below that. A good, generous tip is going to go over better with her than a stingy one.

How Big a Show You Make out of Paying

Women like it when men pay the bill, but not as much as men do. Studies have shown that women care less about paying the bill or not compared to how heavily men think that men should pay. So you have to pay, right? A man who makes a huge deal out of footing a bill she probably would have been willing to split is not going to impress a woman. A man who pays graciously and makes it clear that the meal was a gift to her, on the other hand, definitely will impress. It shows that you value your work and your money, but you’re not too obsessed with it.

How Many Breaks in the Conversation There Are

It seems unfair that women should grade you for something that’s at least half their fault, but they do. Your conversation should flow freely, and when it gets stopped up you start to lose points. The best thing that you can do is memorize a few jokes on your dates. It sounds cheesy, but a good joke can break ice that’s starting to form up between you again. Women also value a good sense of humor in a man, so if you always have her laughing you’ll be earning points instead of losing them.


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